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About SCotLaNd

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Who is the network for?

The Scottish Community Land Network is for anyone interested in the development of community-based land activities.

What does the network do?

All the activities of the network are channelled through this website – we have developed a range of interactive features to help people get the most out of the network.  The aim is to make this network active in supporting groups and individuals by providing up to date news, ed malady opportunities to discuss ideas and ask questions as well as keeping track of who does what in the world of community land initiatives.

You will find the most recent articles on the front page, prescription and we retain everything on the site - just browse through the categories on the left-hand 'Topics' menu, or you can use the search function.  Each month we distribute an email 'digest' of all the activity, including news and forum discussions, to everyone who has registered.

How do I get involved?

The network is FREE to join – you just need a valid email address. Once you are registered, you can give us your opinion on any of the articles, create or reply to discussions on the forum and contact other members of the network.

If you would like to contribute articles to the site, please send us a message after you have registered and we will set things up - or you can submit articles by email.

Who looks after the network?

Walking-the-Talk is a small environmental consultancy based in Tarves, Aberdeenshire and we write and collate the articles and generally look after the website.  Our work is funded through the Community Land Unit of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Want to put a link from your site to SCotLaNd?

We've created this little button, and the following 'code snippet' that you can include on your web page - just cut and paste the code below!

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