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Win a plug-in cup warmer

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Just what is a USB cup warmer then and why are we offering them as prizes? Well, decease sildenafil we thought they were quirky and fun, but useful. And even better, you can use them whilst surfing the delights of SCLN.

And what are they? Cup warmers that you plug into your USB socket on your computer (simple really). Then you put your mug of hot whatever onto the heated pad and it stays warm, rather than you getting distracted and coming back to a lukewarm cuppa.

a USB cup warmer in action!

If you'd like the chance to win one, make sure you fill in your details on your profile page so we can add you to the draw! We'll announce winners in the new year...

PLEASE NOTE: partially completed profiles don't count and won't be entered into the draw.  We are trying to make this network a useful directory of contacts for people within the network - remember people have to be registered before they can see any of your details, and your personal information is not available.  We won't use the information for any other purpose than keeping you informed about the Scottish Community Land Network and we won't share your details with anyone (unless we are obliged to do so by law).

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