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Conference reports

Community Land Conference 2009

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A Community Land Conference was held in Harris on 29th and 30th September 2009. We are pleased to bring you excerpts from the keynote speakers' addresses.


Please note that you will need a broadband connection in order to watch the videos and they might take a moment to load...

Professor Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter discusses the commitment of the Scottish Government with regard to community land ownership.

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His three proposals are to urge the Scottish Government:

  • To ensure that communities wishing to take ownership of Scottish Government land are provided with that land at nominal or no cost (skip to 23 mins in the video clip)
  • To re-establish the Scottish Land Fund and provide it with £3million annually (skip to 28 mins)
  • That HIE should retain the Community Land Unit and for it to give a high priority to assisting community land groups (skip to 31 mins)

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Brian Wilson

Former MP Brian Wilson discusses the future of Scotland’s land reform process.

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The videos have been supplied via HIE's Learning Works site and if you have any difficulties watching the clips, they can be downloaded from their website.

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