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If there's something you want to do, but don't know how, this is the place to look. If you've got an idea about how to improve the site, or add new features, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Give us a CLU

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Need some specialist advice? Wondering how to get involved in a Right To Buy initiative?

We have arranged for advisors from the Community Land Unit (CLU) to answer your questions via our Forum. We think that this will be good for everyone - you get the answers you need (we hope!) and it's easy to share that knowledge.

We have a Forum area called Seeking Solutions dedicated to this 'service', pharmacy viagra generic and it is currently only open to people who are registered on this site - we may open it up to the public if there is enough demand, prostate but we figure that if you are interested enough in Community Land issues to look for specialist advice, you might find this site useful...

Please make sure you log in before trying to reach the forum... otherwise you'll just get a message saying that you're not allowed in!


Contribute an article

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If you would like to write a 'one-off' article, site best viagra or alert us to something that you would like to be included, please drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to contribute articles occasionally or even frequently, we can give you access to the site as an author. This will allow you to write the article whenever you want and we'll publish it on the site. This might be useful if you want to create a 'blog' or column (in more traditional terms!). to get started, send Chris a message and he'll sort things out.


What can you do in SCotLaNd?

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This web site is designed to give you opportunities to get up-to-the minute information and interact with other people who are interested in Community Land Initiatives in Scotland. The site is now effectively an archive and is no longer kept up to date.

We've included some features that we hope are useful:

Logging In - at present we are keeping the Network 'closed' - you need to join /sign up, doctor buy viagra and once you log in you will see lots of other features that are available. Our own experience of 'virtual communities' suggests that it is easier to stop abuse of the system (and therefore keep things relevant) if you need to belong to the group - or is that life in general?

Your details - when you sign up to be part of SCotLaNd (we could call it citizenship, buy if you like!) you can choose to fill in some details about yourself. None of this is necessary, tadalafil except for the email address and we won't share your details with anyone and that's a promise. Because everyone has to log in, it means that you are only sharing this information with others who are interested in Community Land Initiatives. You can also upload a picture so that people can get a better impression of who you are...

[When you have logged in, you can choose 'My profile' from the menu at the top]

Forum - whether you have got something that you want to get off your chest, or have a burning question, the Forum is there for you. Our job is to facilitate the network, and we think that a forum is the best way to allow people to discuss ideas. You might be tempted to ask us how to do something, or where you can go for advice - unfortunately we haven't got the resources to provide this kind of service, so we hope that the forum is a (probably better) substitute.

Private Messages - you can communicate with other members of the network without having to share your email address. Although you are free to give out your email address, we've found that by being in someone's address book you stand a greater chance of being sent spam or viruses if their computer is attacked. Private messaging takes you out of this 'loop' and make us worry about that for you. If you send a Private Message, the person you want to contact will be sent an email with the message from our server - when they respond you'll get a message from us. It's a bit like having your own personal butler.

Events - we have a calendar of events that are relevant to Community Land initiatives, and we hope to be able to introduce the opportunity for you to submit your own events to this central list.

Newsletter - this is a monthly 'digest' of articles that have appeared on the site along with a list of forthcoming events. We will also try to summarise discussions on the forum if that is feasible - but that depends a lot on how much you use the forum!

Abuse - you can also tell us if people are abusing the network, but we hope that we don't need to use this feature very much!

Thanks for visiting and we hope that you'll join SCotLaNd and become active in the network.

Chris York & Tamsin Morris




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