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News from CLS

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A February update from Community Land Scotland. Community landowners in Scotland have been announced as one of "Britain's New Radicals" in a national scheme recognising people and organisations leading innovative solutions to established economic and social problems. The community landowning sector was nominated by Professor Jim Hunter, author and Emeritus Professor of History of the Highlands and Islands.  You can read more about Britain's new radicals here

CLS have welcomed the news of the new Scottish Land Fund.  In their response to the Minister's announcement, they commented:  "We take the announcement as a vote of confidence in community landownership and it is very encouraging that the Scottish Government, politicians and civil servants, are now working across parties and across departments in a co-ordinated approach to rural development via community landownership."  You can read their full statement on the new CLS website.

CLS also welcomed new members this month, including Camuscross & Duisdale Initiative; Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust and Morvern Community Development Company.